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Small Farm Websites is a brand new canadian project helping small farms get their message out on the world wide web.  We have a vision of helping 1000 small farmers and ranchers get their website running smoothly, efficiently and actually engaging with people.

We love Helping Smaller Farmers and Ranchers connect with their clients and find new relationships.

Some of our projects…

Our first major project is with a local family farm called Blazing Hearts Ranch.


Blazing Hearts Ranch is a premium equestrian boarding and training facility located in the Calgary/Okotoks Alberta area.  Check out their website and if you are in that area and need horse boarding they could be what you are looking for.

Small update – Red Leaf Studios has started offering Guitar Lessons Okotoks.  If you are interested in learning all about the guitar and how to play it check out this website and get into it.

Blazing Hearts Ranch also provides a number of lessons for different types of people.  If you are looking for

horse riding lessons Calgary


BHR has a number of trained and experienced trainers and teacher that can teach you.  So if you are looking for horse riding lessons in the Calgary and Okotoks area check out their lessons page.

Blazing Hearts Ranch is also the home for Red Leaf Studios.  Red Leaf Studios is offering

guitar lessons Okotoks


and has spots available now if you are interested in getting guitar lessons.

A New Partner – Milestone Asset Management

We have a brand new partner at Small Farm Websites.  We have partnered with Milestone Asset Management in Calgary Alberta.  This company specializes in money management and specifically we would like to highlight a few areas …

  1. Retiring Abroad.  One of Milestones premier solutions is directed specifically at people who are looking to retire abroad.  They have build relationships with a number of solutions, people and companies to provide information into this area.  We know from our community here at SFW that retiring abroad is a hot topic…so we wanted to partner with Milestone for this reason.
    1. Article on retiring in the US
    2. Client Testimonies for retiring abroad
  2. Estate Planning.  Many of the SFWers are getting closer to retirement and as such thinking about leaving their ranch/farm to a loved one or kids.  Milestone specializes in helping this transaction happen with tax sheltering and money management skills.
  3. Business Succession Planning.   Another huge deal for baby boomers that are running farms is the plan for what happens when they are no longer running the farm.  The succession plan is a huge deal and these guys have what you need.

Proud to Partner with 15 Degrees NE

Small Farm Websites is proud to partner with 15 Degrees NE and its ministry/community action.  These guys are building a really great online christian community for all you religious folk out there.  Our very own team from SMF has been instrumental in getting the website up and running and helping with their approach.  Check out what they have done and get excited.

15 Degrees NE Logo Our Partnership with 15 Degrees Ne is continuing to expand.  They are currently building a new community type website which allows them to do a number of different things with their community.  You can check it out and see all that they are up to!!


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