What Should I Call My New Page

Blazing Hearts Ranch :: Horse Boarding Calgary

So if you travel over to Blazing Hearts Ranch’s website on of the things that you will notice is the names of each of the pages…and the intentionality behind each of the names. Many people especially in this industry generally don’t take too much time to consider their page names. Usually they just call them whatever comes to mind first or use something descriptive.

Small Farm Websites is interested in helping you not only have a great web presence but get actual traction.  www.blazingheartsranch.ca is the main portal into BHR’s buisness which supports the ranch and keeps it in tip top shape.  Lets be honest we need finances to support the things that we want to do and when we have clients they want to see continual improvement and that their money is going into the upkeep and maintenance of the ranch.

When creating the page for outlining the horse board blazing hearts ranch was very intentional and strategic about what they called the page.  Google Keyword Planner was used to isolate certain keywords that where the highest searched keywords in that industry and then those keywords were used as the page titles.  So “Horse Boarding Calgary” is one of the highest searched keywords in calgary for horse boarding which is Blazing hearts Ranches main business.  So when creating the webpages they wanted to focus on this keyword.  Because of that they have had significat traffic and not only that, but the traffic has been highly targeted meaning that the people that are travelling to their website are actually looking for horse boarding in Calgary.  Smart right?

Welcome to Small Farm Websites

Wow what a crazy time this is in the life our our planet and country.  Canada is such an amazing place to live and grow a family and one of the biggest reasons why is all of the space…there is just so much land that is available in Canada.  We live out west and even though it’s a tad bit more expensive it is such a great place to live.  Small Farm Websites is a website that is engineered to help farmers, ranchers and agricultural people learn how to get their message out to the world.  We want to help you put together the best website possible and not only that but to help you get traction and engagement from people online.  One of the website we just designed is www.blazingheartsranch.ca and we would love for you to check it out and see what we can do.  We are still in the development phase of this site but it is up and running and already receiving over 500 views per month.  For a small market very niche website this is awesome…and has helped them get their business started and get clients into their program.

We will have lots more coming up soon, we just wanted to introduce ourselves and give you a little taste of what you can expect.  Have a great day and talk soon.